Curly Hair FAQ’s

1. What’s your hair type/curl pattern?

My curls have a spiral structure. They’re what you call “corkscrew” curls. I have a mixture of 3b/3c curls. If you’re unsure about your hair type or curl pattern, I recommend visiting

2. What products do you use?

I like to try new products every now and then, but my favorite curly hair brands are DevaCurl and SheaMoisture. These brands have been my ride or die’s since day one and will forever be an arsenal in my curly hair collection. Specifically, I love DevaCurl’s No-Poo, One Condition, SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler and Ultra Defining Gel. Their Decadence line is also amazing! SheaMoisture’s JBCO leave-in conditioner, Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil hair masque, Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Yucca & Plantain styling milk are just a few of my staples. I also love Dr. Bronner’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

3. What’s your curly hair routine?

My curly hair regimen changes from time to time. Most recently, I started incorporating a wide tooth comb when detangling due to my length. Sectioning while applying product is also a new process. I typically wash my hair once a week alternating between using a cleanser or a conditioner to co-wash. Although I should do deep conditioning treatments weekly, I tend to do this about every 2 weeks and I like to add in essential oils like coconut, jojoba and EVOO. After rinsing out about 90% of the conditioner, I apply a leave-in, a moisturizer/styling cream and an oil to seal my ends. Sometimes, I apply a gel as well. Generally, I prefer to air dry my curls because it gives me the most definition with the least amount of frizz. However, I’m not afraid to diffuse on those lazy days. Once dry, I fluff and shake at the roots and occasionally use a pick to accentuate more volume.

4. How often do you cut your hair?

I get trims twice a year. Though, recently I’ve been growing out my hair, so I haven’t had a trim since a year ago. My last trim was on 4/25/15.

5. How do you deal with shrinkage?

Simple… I don’t. I just let it be. It’s actually a sign of healthy hair.

6. How long have you been natural?

People seem to always be surprised when I tell them I was born with naturally curly hair (and even more surprised when I tell them it’s not a wig, lol). So, I’ve always been natural, but I like to say I returned natural back in November 2011 when I started wearing my hair in its natural state.

7. What’s your secret? What tips can you give me?

It’s really no secret. TLC and patience are key! Trial and error is also a vital part in developing and maintaining a healthy hair regimen. I always say to listen to your hair. It’ll tell you its needs, what it likes, what it doesn’t like, etc. You have to nurture your hair throughout the entire process. It’s not an easy task in the beginning, but consistency is what will make the difference. Lastly, please learn to love your hair. It’s okay to admire someone else’s hair, but make sure you’re not neglecting or comparing yourself because everyone’s hair is different. That’s the beauty of natural hair… It’s uniquely YOU! So own it, flaunt it and love it no matter the curl type, pattern, texture, color, shape, size, porosity, density, length, whatever… It’s yours!


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