The Power of “No”

How can a one syllable, two letter word be the hardest thing to say? In the past, I always felt obligated to say “yes” to everyone and everything. No matter my plans or what I had going on or what I wanted to do. I’d shuffle my schedule like crazy with the sole goal of trying to please everyone.

But how can that be healthy when all it ever did was leave me exhausted, burnt out and last on my own list? By the time I’d get done saying “yes” to everyone, I was saying “no” to myself.

That changed. The past is no longer. Never underestimate the power of saying “no”. Saying “no” shouldn’t feel like you’re punishing someone or something else. Rather, it is meant to put the power back onto yourself and for you to reclaim control.

My advice is to take care of you first. The world will adjust…

Sending love & light,



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