My Curly Hair Stash

Despite the confusing weather conditions here lately in the South, I decided to go ahead and get a head start on my annual spring cleaning ritual. I thought I’d start with reorganizing all of my curly hair products into categories as well as moving them to a more easily accessible area now that I’m preggers. No more climbing stairs or bending over for me! It took me some time and energy, but it was well worth it in the end. I even took the time to capture each category of curly hair products I own on camera. Some of them I reach for often, while others I had completely forgotten about. Just having everything sitting out in plain sight made me realize how much of a product junkie I am. But to my defense, a lot of these products were sent to me via PR.



As you can see, I don’t own very many cleansers. In fact, before being sent complimentary products from Carol’s Daughter, I only owned two. It doesn’t take much product for me to be able to fully clean my scalp, hence why my cleanser collection is so small. I don’t necessarily need a ton of cleansing products. A couple of options will do. Plus, it takes me a very long time to empty a bottle before having to repurchase another one.



Contrary to the amount of cleansers I own, I always keep a hefty stock of conditioners on hand because I go through them so quickly. I use quite a bit of conditioner both in the shower as well as outside the shower, especially due to the length of my hair. Conditioners are an extremely versatile product because they can also be used as a co-wash in between washes as well as a moisturizing leave-in. For that reason, a curly girl can never have too many conditioners!


Deep conditioners/masks

The same goes for deep conditioners. It’s essential for me to keep a good variety of hair masks in my possession at all times. If you don’t know the benefits and importance of deep conditioning treatments, click here to watch my video. Because my hair needs all the moisture it can get to stay healthy and hydrated, I typically only purchase DCs that mainly target moisture. Rarely will I ever purchase a protein based DC because my hair is on the protein-sensitive side, but I do like the one from Mielle Organics since it’s very light.



Seriously, I didn’t realize I had this many leave-in products. I forgot I even had one from Uncle Funky’s Daughter, which I picked up at a local hair and beauty expo event last year. There’s a good balance between sprays and creams in my collection. In all honesty, I think my curls respond better to creams versus sprays because my hair is able to absorb more product through water based creams. However, spray leave-ins still come in handy for refreshing my curls when it gets dry.



Yes, I count my water spray bottle as a moisturizer. Water is the #1 moisturizer for curly hair… period. In fact, most moisturizing products have water listed as the first ingredient on the back of the label. Water-soluble moisturizers are the best ones to choose from in my opinion. I try my best to stray away from ingredients that aren’t water-soluble because they tend to cause build up.



Stylers are so clutch when it comes to getting the type of definition I want in a wash and go. I tend to gravitate towards stylers that offer a lot of flexible hold while still providing moisture and taming frizz. As long as there’s no flaky residue, I’m good to go. My hair has a mind of its own, so preventing frizz is sometimes inevitable depending on whether or not my curls want to cooperate that day. A little frizz is okay with me. Whether my hair wants to be super defined or frizzy, I embrace it. Besides, frizz gives me more volume.



Coconut oil is bae! I will never NOT have a jar of it in my curly hair stash. Not pictured here is my other boo, EVOO, which lives in my kitchen cabinet because I also cook with it. Considering I don’t want my curls to be weighed down, I don’t use a lot of oil in my hair. Just a dime-sized amount will suffice to seal my ends after a wash and go and to prevent dryness overnight. However, I am extra generous when it comes to pre-poo and deep conditioning treatments. That’s where my oils are mostly consumed.



Travel much? It’s always convenient to have a few sample-sized products to travel with to prevent overloading your luggage with heavy bottles and huge jars. Plus, if over a certain weight restriction, you could be forced to throw away your precious curly hair products at the airport. As if you didn’t already know, curly hair products are too expensive to toss in the trash! If you don’t have any samples, investing in travel-size toiletry bottles is another great way to pack lightly.


After going through my entire curly hair stash, I feel relieved now that everything has a designated home. Before then, everything was so cluttered all over the house making it a struggle to find things. In my shower, I have a 3-tiered caddy stand where I keep my cleansers, conditioners and a couple of DCs. Anything that can’t fit in there, I keep under my sink as backups along with my samples. As for everything else, it’s all pictured here in my little used-to-be linen tower. There’s more closed shelves not pictured underneath, but again, the goal here is for me to not have to bend over. It may be small, but it basically stores everything I have. Eventually, I want to purchase a bigger stand with wider shelves to display all of my curly hair products. But for now, this will do. And let me tell you, life is so much easier when you can easily find everything you need for your hair!

How do you organize your curly hair stash? Are you a product junkie? Comment below!


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