100+ Black-owned Hair Care Brands

Since July 2016, I’ve been slowly working on putting together this huge list of black-owned hair care brands. My goal was to reach 100. Thanks to everyone who contributed to my post on Instagram helping me achieve that goal. As a curly hair influencer, I was inspired to find and share with you some brands you may not have heard of, but cater to naturals in the black hair community. A lot of these brands are new to me as well. Although this project took a lot of time and research, it was well worth it. Happy exploring!

Brand IG Website
1 2 Curls 1 Mission @2curls1mission www.2curls-1mission.com
2 4Naturals @4naturals www.4naturals.com
3 Adore Botanicals @adorebotanicals www.adorebotanicals.com
4 Alikay Naturals @alikaynaturals www.alikaynaturals.com
5 Avaluxe Naturals @avaluxenaturals www.avaluxenaturals.com
6 Bee Mine Organics @beemineorganics www.beemineorganics.com
7 Bel Nouvo Beauty @belnouvobeauty www.belnouvo.com
8 Blaine Lorenn @blainelorenn www.blainelorenn.com
9 Blue Roze Beauty @bluerozebeauty www.bluerozebeauty.com
10 Botanical Bliss @botanicalbliss www.botanicalblissshop.com
11 Briogeo @briogeo www.briogeohair.com
12 Bye Bye Parabens @byebyeparabens www.byebyeparabens.com
13 Caheez @caheez www.caheez.bigcartel.com
14 Camille Rose Naturals @camillerosenaturals www.camillerosenaturals.com
15 Cream & Coco @creamandcoco www.creamandcoco.com
16 Crown of Glory @crownofglorynhc www.crownofglorynhc.com
17 Curl Junkie @curljunkie – Twitter www.curljunkie.com
18 Curl Prep @curlprep www.curlprep.com
19 curlBOX @curlbox www.curlbox.com
20 CurlKit @curlkit www.curlkit.com
21 Curls @frizzfreecurls www.curls.biz
22 Curly Locs @curlylocs www.curlylocsproducts.com
23 Design Essentials @designessentials www.designessentials.com
24 Detangler Brush @lovingyourhair www.thedetanglebrush.com
25 Diva By Cindy @divabycindy www.divabycindy.com
26 DooGro @officialdoogro www.doogro.com
27 Dudley Beauty www.shoponline.dudleyq.com
28 E’Tae Natural Products @etaehair www.etaeproducts.com
29 Earthtones Naturals @earthtonesnaturals www.earthtonesnaturals.com
30 EboniCurls @ebonicurls www.shopebonicurls.com
31 EDEN BodyWorks @edenbodyworks www.facebook.com/edenblog
32 Embrace the Natural You @embracethenaturalyou www.shopembrace.com
33 Entwine Naturalle Couture @entwinecouture www.entwineishydration.com
34 FCA Naturals @fcanaturals www.fcanaturals.com
35 Gazella @mygazellabeauty www.mygazella.com
36 GNAturals @gnaturals www.etsy.com/shop/gnaturals
37 Green Beauty Products @greenbeautychannel www.greenbeautyproducts.com
38 Hairfinity @hairfinity www.hairfinity.com
39 Healthy Hair Solutions www.healthyhair.solutions.com
40 HHJ Army @healthy_hair_journey www.hhjarmy.com
41 Hicks Total Tranformations www.hickstotaltransformations.com
42 Huetiful @huetiful www.huetiful.com
43 Hydratherma Naturals @hydratherma www.hydrathermanaturals.com
44 I Am You @iamyounatural www.iamyouu.com
45 Jaded Tresses @jadedtresses www.jadedtresses.com
46 Jane Carter Solution @janecartersolution www.janecartersolution.com
47 Jireh Hair Care Products @jireh_hair_care www.jirehhaircareproducts.com
48 Kandy Kurls @kandykurlshair www.kandykurls.com
49 Karen’s Body Beautiful @karensbeautiful www.karensbodybeautiful.com
50 KeraVada @keravada www.keravada.com
51 Kimble Hair Care Systems @kimblehaircare www.kimkimble.com
52 Kinky Curly @officialkinkycurly www.kinky-curly.com
53 Koils by Nature @koilsbynature www.koilsbynature.com
54 Kyra’s Shea Medleys @kyrasheamedleys www.kyrasheamedleys.com
55 London Ivy @londonivyproducts www.londonivyproducts.com
56 Loza Tam @loza_tam www.lozatam.com
57 Luster’s Pink International @lusterspinkintl www.lusterspink.com
58 Made Beautiful @bymadebeautiful www.bymadebeautiful.com
59 Mielle Organics @mielleorganics www.mielleorganics.com
60 Miss Jessie’s @miss_jessies www.missjessies.com
61 Mixed Chicks @mixedchickshair www.mixedchicks.net
62 Moisture Love @moisturelove www.moisturelove.com
63 MYHoneyChild @myhoneychildsophiasunflower www.myhoneychild.com
64 Natural Goddess @naturalgoddess007 www.naturalgoddesshairpudding.com
65 Naturalicious @naturalicious1 www.naturalicious.net
66 NaturAll Club @naturallclub www.naturallclub.com
67 Naturally SILK2 @naturallysilk2 www.naturallysilk2.com
68 Naturally Smitten @naturallysmitten www.naturallysmitten.com
69 NenoNatural @nenonatural www.nenonatural.com
70 No’Kyem Naturals @nokyem www.nokyem.com
71 NouriTress @nouritress www.nouritress.com
72 Nu Ade @nuade www.mynuade.com
73 OBIA Naturals @obianaturals www.obianaturals.com
74 ORS Olive Oil @orshaircare www.orshaircare.com
75 Oyin Handmade @oyinhandmade www.oyinhandmade.com
76 Pampered & Twisted Boutique @pamperednaturalhairboutique www.pamperedandtwisted.com
77 Pink Root Products @pinkrootproducts www.pinkrootproducts.com
78 Poof It @poofit www.poofitforhair.com
79 Pooka Pure & Simple @pookalita www.pookapureandsimple.com
80 Rebellious Hair Care @rebellioushaircare www.rebellioushaircare.com
81 Royal House of Wraps @royalhouseofwraps www.royalhouseofwraps.com
82 SheaMoisture @sheamoisture4u www.sheamoisture.com
83 Shescentit @shescentit www.shescentit.com
84 Shetai Hair Care www.shetai.co.uk
85 Snappee @snappeeinc www.snappee.com
86 Soultanicals @soultanicals www.soultanicals.com
87 T-Roots @trootsbeauty www.trootsbeauty.com
88 Taliah Waajid @taliahwaajidbrand www.naturalhair.org
89 Tangles and Beyond @tanglesandbeyond www.tanglesandbeyond.com
90 Team Naturals @team_naturals www.teamnaturals.com
91 TEXTURES Natural Hair Care @texturesnaturalhaircare www.texturesnaturalhaircare.com
92 TGIN @tginatural www.thankgodimnatural.com
93 The Mane Choice @themanechoice www.themanechoice.com
94 The Texture Mix @thetexturemix www.thetexturemix.com
95 The Wrap Life @thewraplife www.thewrap.life/pages/shop-instagram
96 Tree Naturals @treenaturals www.treenaturals.com
97 TréLuxe @discovertreluxe www.discovertreluxe.com
98 Tropic Isle Living @tropicisleliving www.tropicisleliving.com
99 Uncle Funky’s Daughter @unclefunkysdaughter www.unclefunkysdaughter.com
100 Up North Naturals @upnorthnaturals www.upnorthnaturals.com
101 Wonder Curl @wondercurl www.wondercurl.com
102 Zuresh @zuresh_emporium www.zuresh.com

If you know of any other black-owned hair care brands, please feel free to list them in the comment section. Let’s all continue to support our black communities. Have you tried any of these brands? Share below!


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